New Books/New Direction

No, I’m not changing anything essential, but I have updated this site to include the new direction and/or addition to my writing I’ve taken. MKYA is the new Young Adult imprint of Mystic Kat Press. They are fun, angsty, gritty, and for the most part paranormal. My first series will be Castle Street Fae and opens with the book Into the Pink. You can see the rockin’ cover by Cheryllynn Dyess under the MKYA tab on the home page.

This is a situation where the cover sparked the series idea. I’ll admit, I had thought about branching out into YA for some time now, but when I saw the premade cover on a post she’d put up on FB, I knew two things immediately. 1) I had to have it. 2) It would be the first book in a new venture. The idea just steamrolled from there. I have all three covers for the series purchased and the ideas are being outlined and written.

I’m having so much fun with it I can’t wait to write it each day. You see, though I do write graphic sex and violence in my other imprints and pen names, I feel a real freedom in not having to put that in a book and can concentrate more on the plot narrative and not if I’m feeling the time is right for my protagonists to throw down. Not that I’m going to stop writing the other either. I love it. I love what it is and the audience who purchases it. As a matter of fact, I still have several series planned under Kathleen Scott, Kate Davison, and MK Mancos that include sex and violence. MKYA is just a nice little writing break for me is all. Cassie Sweet has a whole other life going on at the moment. Currently, she is on a space station writing about a necromancer and a mage who solve mysteries. Stay tuned for more on Mage Corp. Inc.


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