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Castle Street Fae -series

Peony thought she was a medical mystery — until she discovers she’s one of the lost fae children.

The war for the Seelie Court is close at hand…

High school life is hard. Navigating cliques, clubs, and committees can be a full-time job for the uninitiated. Take me for instance, I never fit in and take great pains to keep it that way.

It’s harder to be aloof when the hottest jock in the entire student body asked me to help him figure out an odd energy stream he discovered in the woods.
Now, his girlfriend is bullying me, I’m making weird things happen with my mind, and my parents dropped the bomb that I’m one of the fae.

Learning my new powers isn’t easy when I’m fighting off attacks from the Unseelie, trying to decide if I’m going to prom, and finding out exactly what it all means.

I’m Peony Nash, and I’m one of the Castle Street Fae


The Dark Fae are Closing In

Summers are supposed to be fun and carefree. Mine turned into a nightmare when my family went bankrupt, my father was arrested, and I had to give up my volunteer work to find a paying job.

Little did I know answering a help wanted advertisement for the Fairy Wood would put me straight into the path of beings I thought were merely myths and legends.

I never dreamed the fae were real—that my family’s reversal of fortune would lead me to a clash with the Unseelie and the unleashing of my own powers.

War has come to Fairy and it’s taking no prisoners.

I’m Jilly Addams and I’m one of the Castle Street Fae


Orphan. Survivor. Outcast.

My entire life has been spent trying to stay alive. In the system since my mother died from a drug overdose, I’ve kept a low profile, dreaming of the day I could age out and decide the path I wanted to take—not have it dictated to me.

Now I’m eighteen, living with a local doctor, and strange things are happening to me. The good doctor claims I’m not only fae but at the center of a war between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. That my very existence might tip the scales. Problem is, I’m not sure who the good guys are these days.

To top it off, my secret crush, Tannis Warren, is following me like a lost puppy and claims he can help. Do I dare trust him, when I’ve worked so hard to keep people at a distance?

I’m Tiana Jules and I’m one of the Castle Street Fae.


Coming Soon – the conclusion to Castle Street Fae