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All is fair in love and matchmaking

She can match anyone. Except the man she can’t resist.

Dating in today’s world is tough enough. Pair that with a paranormalady, and Lucille Wainwright is living the recipe for loneliness. Born a talentless witch in a family of legendary spellcasters, she’s managed to carve a niche for herself with, a matchmaking service for paranormal beings.

What she lacks in the magic department, she more than makes up for with her uncanny ability to conjure committed relationships out of any combination of traits and backgrounds. Until now.

Enter Jager Cronus, deposed king of the Titans and successful paratrader. As a client, he’s a nightmare. As a man, he’s irresistible. When he demands a date with her to the annual Legion Samhain Dance, she’s hard pressed to refuse. With her professional ethics warring with a deep need to prove herself, she gives him two more chances to find love.

That’s all the opening Jager needs. After all, he didn’t survive his downfall without learning a few things about prevailing in the face of the stiffest negotiations.

Now he’s about to negotiate the deal of a lifetime–a future with Lucilla.


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A failed assassin is a dead assassin…or so the rules which govern the Aveneaux Assassins’ Guild proclaim.

As a Guild member, Aribelle L’Angier knows her mission is dangerous, but some rules were made to be broken. The risk worth the sacrifice. When her attempt to assassinate East Angelían Agency member and rumored spy, Declan Cervantes goes decidedly sideways, she is taken on a journey back to the homeland she swore never to return to again.

The longer Declan is in Aribelle’s presence, the more he realizes she is far from what she seems. Objectives that should have been crystal clear blur the more is revealed of her secret agenda. A series of explosions near her looks as if her Guild might be close to exacting their revenge for her failure.

Or are they?

When a dead chemist she’d been sent to dispatch, resurfaces very much alive and the object of a mad man’s obsession, Declan and Aribelle must race against time to find him before the secrets of his formula are revealed and it plunges East Angelía into civil war.



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The Host: Shadows

Sometimes the things that go bump in the night are there to protect the innocent.

Four hundred years ago, Tristain St. Blaise worked as an apprentice for alchemist Benito Achilles. An experiment went horribly wrong, fusing an entity to Tristain’s soul, turning him from an enlightened man of reason to one of dark passions. Now, to find some measure of redemption, he wears the mantle of a hired killer, protecting innocents and ridding the world of men like Achilles.

Angelia Lightheart has worked hard to purge her life of unhealthy relationships. One night in a dark Manhattan alley, she is saved from a would-be rapist by a man who seems able to look through her very soul into the weary heart she hides from the world.

As Angelia and Tristain fall in love, his work as a contract killer brings him face to face with the one responsible for his immortal state–endangering not only their love, but Angelia’s life.


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Book 2 in the Doran Witch Series.

Careful what you wish for has never been quite so true.

When a series of devastating events prompts Maddie Sayer to ask the universe for a do-over, she comes under the notice a supernatural being who may not have her best interest at heart. Slung through the mulitverses and into alternate realities, Maddie must figure out how to tap into her magical talents in order to stop the dimensional merry-go-round and find her way home before she’s trapped in a reality drift forever.



The third book in the Crown and Country Series!


For three years, Gunjo has sat rotting in an East Angelian prison for stealing the Crystal Spyglass from the Royal Depository. Unable to locate the artifact, Queen Vittoria grants him a conditional release with the mandate-find the Spyglass or join his fellow conspirators on the gallows.

As time is running out, his contacts are dropping dead.

It will take a miracle to clear this case and find the Spyglass before their enemies discover it and convert it to the weapon of mass destruction it was designed to be.


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First book in a new series about a family of generational witches.


For Kara St. Ives, seeing and hearing the dead is all part of the daily grind. A deathbed promise to her Aunt Hattie has Kara traveling to the own of Cooper’s Mill, North Carolina to right a wrong sixty years and hundreds of miles away. Add to that the fact even as a vocal ghost, Hattie isn’t divulging the reasons for her exile from her hometown, and it’s one big mystery that will take a whole lot of patience and a little dash of magic to solve. Now, if the sexy local preacher, Reverend Roth Andrews would stop distracting her, Kara might be able to put Hattie’s spirit to rest for good.


Something old but Updated:


Some of you might remember this book in its previously published form. It’s been repackaged, reworked, and reoffered.


When the corpse of an unidentified species is found in the woods near Pine Haven, New Jersey along with a human female, anthropologist Edie Campbell is called in by local law enforcement and the medical examiner to help identify the strange humanoid male. The discovery of a heretofore unknown species is thrilling up until Edie realizes the creature recently mated with the human female.

Questions form with no apparent answers until Aidan LaMont arrives in Pine Haven to identify his cousin’s body. But the secretive Aidan hies as much of the mystery surrounding the strange creature as he explains, and Edie has no doubt that behind the heat in his amber eyes, he knows much more than he’s willing to tell.